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TWS Team Introduction

Facing the ever-charging market environment and new market opportunities, ZOWEE technology has always been to “Dedicated to products and services value-added" for the enterprise growth motive force, actively layout the TWS earphone field. At present, the TWS headset R&D team of the company has more than 60 people, 90% of whom have bachelor degree or above, and the key personnel have more than 10 years of relevant work experience and professional knowledge background, and participate in or serve well-known brands at home and abroad.

ZOWEE Technology TWS earphone use Qualcomm, Airoha (MTK), BES’s solution, and mainly serve first-class mobile phone customers, smart wearable customers and professional Audio manufacturers.

Product Case

Classic China red TWS earphone ——ZT101-AZW

ZT101-AZW design small and exquisite, convenience, red appearance, simple and fashion, suit for Ergonomic split in-ear design with simplified line shape, wear comfortably and firm, more dynamic vitality.

In performance use Airoha (MTK)AB1562 new generation Bluetooth 5.1 chip, pleasant sound quality, low frequency and powerful, midfrequency human voice is clear without distortion, high frequency connection is naturally not harsh, and ENC noise reduction is configured to improve the call echo, reproduce the pure quality, bring clearer timbre.

In battery life, ZT101-AZW can be used continuously for up to 4hours. Meanwhile, it is equipped with charging storage box to extend battery life for 16 hours. In addition to supporting wireless charging, the charging case is also equipped with a Type-C charging interface at the bottom, which makes it more convenient to charge in daily use and keeps the earphones fully powered anytime and anywhere. The ZDT101-AZW uses dual microphones for noise reduction, suitable for noisy situations such as airplane, on the train, subway, bus, outdoor and windy weather.

ZOWEE technology has always attach great importance to product quality and technology research and development. Based on forward-looking strategic vision and sustained research and development investment, in 2020, the company will continue to plan to launch a number of series TWS products, bringing more diversified choices and better auditory experience to end users in terms of appearance and function.

ZOWEE technology focuses on the R & D, design, manufacturing and solution provision of consumer intelligent hardware. Relying on the advantages and characteristics of the company, it can provide brand customers with a full range of TWS earphone  JDM、ODM and OEM services. For more product information and business consultation, please contact ZOWEE TWS earphone business email: ZoweeTWS@zowee.com.cn  And hot line: + 86-189 2657 8831.

  • Excellent engineering technology
    More than 100 engineering and technical staffs , continuously provide JDM, ODM, OEM, EMS various forms of new product production introduction for many major customers, professional engineering and process capabilities, and provide more efficient and higher yield production process.
  • Advanced production equipment
    The factory has advanced SMT equipment, laser splitting equipment, Keithley 2306 power simulator, automatic gluing machine, automatic belt cutting machine, air tightness tester and other acoustic production equipment.
  • Acoustical laboratory
    Set up a voice recognition test room, to test active noise reduction and voice recognition; a anechoic chambers, test Bluetooth earphone audio and communication audio protocol. As well as soundcheck audio analyzer; KEMAR head and torso simulator; simulation mouths, used to test MIC; Klippel R & D system, test and analyze the mode and TS parameters of micro acoustic devices.
  • Complete R&D system
    Best practice IPD Process System PMS project management system and u9 system support, from the product concept - plan - Development - Verification - product maintenance of the integrated system.
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