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Open innovation laboratory configuration prototype manufacturing, electronics assembly related equipment and tools, for members to share resources.
With the approaching of Industry 4.0, the core lies in keeping improving enterprise innovation and system efficiency in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.
Combined with IE lean manufacturing, introduced with the JIT feeding mode, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery
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Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Manufacturing Overview

    While promoting the core quality value that "quality is gained through R&D", Zowee has recognized that "consistent quality" is gained by manufacturing and it needs to bring quality awareness to each employee in each process of manufacturing. Strict quality standards for all the details have been established from separated materials to products integration and even to logistics, together with effective execution. Deeply rooting in EMS electronics manufacturing for more than a decade, the Company has developed into an efficiency-driven one-stop intelligent manufacturing solution provider, who is devoted to precise mould, manufacturing, purchase, logistics, automation and a series of other services. Besides, two industrial parks have been respectively set up in ShenzhenTianjin and Heyuan, where have gathered a batch of highly-qualified employees familiar with high-tech products and precision manufacturing quite well, more than 90% of whom have abundant professional skills and many years of industrial background and are able to combine with the experience about manufacturing project and process technologies gained in many years by Zowee, thus enabling quality of each products batch to be stable and consistent with design expectations.   

    Advanced ERP system and self-developed MES intelligent factory system with IE lean manufacturing, JIT feeding mode and automatic production line, jointly ensure highly effective operation between production information and automation equipment, which could help customers bring products into markets in a shorter time in the Internet mode and improve their cost efficiency. With the manufacturing capacity based on advanced facilities and management, Zowee Technology applies leading flexible production modes, which are able to precisely match individual demands of different customers’ orders.

    Besides, the Company can provide diversified and flexible manufacturing services and assist customers to win market shares by virtue of advanced production equipment, industrial talents and abundant experience. Zowee, an electronic manufacturing service provider, clearly knows that the key factor of success lies in the ability to promote products to be timely marketed and provide a production planning and excellent quality complying with cost efficiency. In the future, Zowee will continue the innovative manufacturing technologies to improve enterprise value for all customers.


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