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Combined with IE lean manufacturing, introduced with the JIT feeding mode, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery
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Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Develop Automation system

     With years of technological accumulation in automation manufacturing process, Zowee so far has developed and applied fully automated production lines for series products, and achieved automated operations in material loading/unloading, welding, adhesive dispensing, assembly, ultrasonic process, testing and packaging, gradually replacing human labor with robot to improve production efficiency.

    Our third generation 7-axle LV servo motor control system has been put into application in batches. The proprietary standard ECU platform integrates PLC, switching power supply, motion control, drive control and multiple I/O control, and thereby increase equipment reusability, achieve fast development of automation equipment, improve equipment reliability, and cut down commissioning time and comprehensive costs. The new ECU platform will be used for development of our proprietary 4-axle and 6-axle robots to meet the massive needs for robot in unmanned applications.

     Integration with our more than ten years of technological accumulation in manufacturing process achieves dedicated application and modularization of common processes, and thereby minimizes number of processes and improve manufacturing flexibility. In addition, Zowee has participated in development of automated manufacturing system in product design, quickly working out automated manufacturing solution based on customer demand to meet the needs for fast supply of customer electronic products in Internet mode. Therefore, compared to competitors’ commercial automation equipment on the market, our automated system setup has obvious advantages in technological integration and application scenario.

    While developing automated system, Zowee is also accelerating development of information system. So far our proprietary Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has integrated IE lean manufacturing, imported JIT feed model, reduced Intermediate links in material transfer, and by integrating local automated manufacturing lines, assumed data transmission chain between production information and automation equipment, and set a firm base for update to intelligent factory.


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