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Production Track system
Zowee MES system aims at "completely and correctly feeding real-time information about products and production sites back to managers to promote enterprises optimizing relevant production activities", which has set up a bridge between the management and the process control levels and will accurately dispatch, send, track and monitor workshop production information and processes, test and report real-time performance, and realize basic technical approaches for production agility.
     By virtue of integrating into the internal ERP system as well as production equipment, detection equipment, data collector, spectaculars and other system devices on the manufacturing site, the Zowee MES system can not only rapidly implement the production plan in the management level on production sites, but also will feed information on each site back.
    After introducing the MES system, all production activities will be controlled by computers, thus making it able to simplify the operation processes previously conducted manually and avoid error conditions. On the other hand, by virtue of automatic collection and classification of materials, the system will promptly issue alarms and inform personnel on site to deal with abnormalities in case of any product quality not complying with standards. Besides, since the MES system is able to obtain site production data in real time, each workshop manager now is able to know the category, progress, quantity, starved feeding and other situations of products produced in former or following workshops, thus facilitating production control and adjustment to relevant products, to improve working efficiency of the entire production line and avoid supply delay, rework and other problems. All in all, The Zowee MES system greatly helps in shortening manufacturing period, reducing products in process, controlling lead time, improving product quality, etc.
    Now, the Zowee MES system has been combined with the IE lean manufacturing, introduced with JIT feeding modes, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery and respectively connected to the SAP system backward and automation equipment control network forward. Also, a data transmission chain has been built up between production information and fully automatic production line equipment, to directly send scientific and rational production orders to the fully automatic production line, which will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of production management.

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